Local Emergency Planning Committee

Polk County has an active Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) that meets biannually at the Livingston-Polk County Chamber of Commerce to mitigate and plan for emergency or disaster situations in Polk County, particularly those concerning hazardous materials. The LEPC gives citizens and community leaders from the public and private sectors the opportunity to identify hazards and participate in the production of emergency plans and strategies to protect Polk County residents. The Polk County Office of Emergency Management values the participation of LEPC members, as we cannot fully prepare for all hazards without their assistance and expertise. Members of the Local Emergency Planning Committee may serve on one or more of the following sub-committees: Right to Know, Public Education and Information, Hazard Facilities Liaison, Emergency Response and Resource Committee.


Chairman: Richard Gilbert
Vice Chairman: Roy Newport
Secretary-Treasurer: Courtney Comstock
Information Coordinator:


  • Dennis Clifton
    Livingston Police Department

  • Deryl Oates
    Polk County Environmental Enforcement

  • Jay Burks
    Polk County Maintenance Engineering

  • Lee Parrish
    City of Onalaska Fire Marshal

  • Tommy Overstreet
    Commissioner, Precinct #4

  • Corky Cochran
    Livingston VFD

  • Chad Holten
    Trinity River Authority

  • Kenneth Hambrick
    Goodrich VFD

  • John Haynes
    Livingston VFD/Little Beaver, Inc.

  • Willo Sylestine
    Alabama-Coushatta Emergency Management

  • Shannon Brooks
    Boardwalk Pipeline

  • Mark Taylor
    Gulf South Pipeline

  • Justin Cude
    Americare-Allegiance Mobile Health

  • Josh Mohler
    Fire Marshal – City of Livingston

  • John McDowell

  • Sammy Lattner
    Texas DPS

  • Tommy Wells
    SR Emergency Reponse

  • Rebecca Marlow
    Inspection Supervisor

  • Jason Minchew
    Imaging Supervisor

  • Tim Eden
    Stella Jones Corporation