County Web Map

Polk County, Texas has an online Web Map available to the public that is updated nightly with current information.  The development of this web map was an effort between the Deep East Texas Council of Governments GIS Department and Polk County Rural Addressing in the Office of Emergency Management.

The following map layers may be toggled on and off under the “Open Layer List” tab:

School Districts Boundaries, Fire Hydrant Locations and Polk County GIS Data:  Address Points, Access Points (addresses far from roadway), Points of Interest, ESN (Emergency Services: fire department, law enforcement, ambulance), Commissioner Precincts, JP (Justice of the Peace) Precincts, Voting Precincts, Municipal Boundaries, Road Centerlines, Driveways, Points-of-Interest (POI Sites), and County Boundaries.

Additional Information:
Clicking anywhere on the Web Map opens a multi-page window that shows information for each layer that is toggled on, and may provide quick links to County sites.

Residential address points contain no personal information.

Commercial address points may display a business name (if known) and can be searched by address or business name.

NOTE: Emergency Management does not address the Cities of Livingston and Corrigan; however, most city addresses are available on the County Web Map.  If you have a question about a City of Livingston address, call Livingston City Hall at 936-327-4311.  If you have a question about a City of Corrigan address, call Corrigan City Hall at 936-398-4126.

Polk County, its staff, and its member governments assume no liability for the accuracy of the GIS data. This map is for information purposes only and is not suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of points and boundaries.

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